Friday, December 17, 2010


Ok, so there's a few reasons for this post... The first being that I work in a library and finals are over, which means I'm even more bored than usual. The second being that I had a long chat last night and realized how many random things drive me absolutely crazy! So although I know that no one really cares.... here's a list of things that drive me crazy...

#1. If you know me at ALL, you'll know this is a touchy subject. Its a CRAYON people. not a cran. not a crown. If you insist on calling it a cran then I will just take two letters out of the middle of your name and see how you like it! This debate is over. And I'm right. :)

#2. Ok, so maybe I'm a word geek... I don't really care. Here's a list of words you should never say around people use the word potty. The third is panties. My sister Andrea and I had a discussion. I don't know what it is about that word that makes me cringe but it's honestly just a horrible horrible word.

#3. People who stop and talk in the middle of really busy hallways. I know, this is so random and completely stupid of me to get upset about. But really people? If you're in a really packed hallway (high school, college, movie theater, or really anywhere for that matter) you don't just STOP in the middle and start chatting with your friends. And if you see that people are having to take extraordinary measures to get around you and your possy, just move. Scoot 5 steps to the side and then you can talk for the next 5 hours for all I care.

#4. Everyone knows someone just like the person I am about to mention. The awful facebook complainer. I don't know where they got the idea that facebook was the place to talk about your breakup, you're fight with you're parents, how pathetic you life is, etc.. But I can guarantee one thing... you're life is not getting better if you complain on facebook everyday. In fact, for every depressing post you make, one person is deleting you as a friend. But knowing you, you'll probably just complain about that tomorrow. I wish I could revoke your facebook privelages.

#5. Fake sports fans (mostly just girls). Ok girls, boys like sports. We all know that. And boys like girls who like sports. BUT boys like girls who KNOW sports. For instance, I know squat about football. Seriously, I know close to nothing about it. So if football is on, I sit quietly and admire their nice uniforms and their big muscles. Because I have nothing to offer. Fact is, you're gonna look more stupid if you open your mouth and spout off a bunch of crap that isn't true than if you just admit you don't know what's going on...

Ok, so before you everyone thinks I'm just a bitter negative narcissistic person, I do like a lot of things about life! I promise. I'm a happy person.

#1. Sunsets- I'm obsessed. My camera isn't even fun to look at for other people because it's all sunset pictures.

#2. The smell of fabric softener. I don't know what it is but it puts me in a good mood.

#3. Rain. I love rainy days. I love wrapping up in my blanket and just staring out the window. I've also been known to dance in the rain on occasion.

#4. Play dough. I could play for hours with a chunk of play- dough or silly putty.

#5. Coloring. Coloring books and sharp crayons are my favorite christmas gift so far this year. Yeah, I know- i'm basically a 5 year old. Judge me.

Ok well, there you have it. My 5 biggest pet peeves and 5 of my favorites! Hope you enjoyed yourself!

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  1. I did enjoy myself, and thank you. I feel as though I know you better :)