Monday, February 28, 2011


Its true! I'm engaged. AHHHHHHHH. This is such a surreal feeling but I am so incredibly happy!! Everyone has been asking how it happened. So here you go. WARNING- its gonna take awhile to read! I'm using this as my journal entry- that's why you get all the little details!

Alex came over to my house on Saturday afternoon while I was writing a paper. He was taking a nap on the floor. All the sudden he wakes up and says- So I'm starving. Can we go to dinner in like 15 minutes? I thought it was weird because he never times things or makes us go to dinner at a certain time. I asked him if he wanted to double with my best friend and her boyfriend and he said "no- I think it'll just be me and you." So I went and changed my clothes. He kept reminding me to grab a coat. If you know me at all, you know I don't like coats and I don't like people telling me the same thing over and over. So we're about to leave and he says "do you have a coat? I told you you'll want a coat! It's supposed to snow tonight!" Haha so I got all bugged and grabbed my coat. I was so confused why he was acting so weird. So we drove downtown and the valet took the car! On a sidenote, the valet was one of our favorite parts of the night. He took his job so seriously and would be sprinting to open your door or pick your car up for you. :) ANYWAY, so we went to J-Wong's- a really good Chinese restaurant downtown. So we sit down and the waitress brings out a vase of gorgeous red roses. It was awkward though because I didn't know if they were mine or just a centerpiece for the table! So I sat there looking back and forth between the roses and Al. Finally he says, oh, those are yours! So we ate and they brought the fortune cookies out on a plate. They said something like "lots of exciting changes await you in the summertime." On a funny note, he opened his first and didn't want to read it before I saw mine. I kept asking him what it said- he finally was like "um, you'll find love on flag day?" haha that's not what it said- he's such a nerd. Anyway, we walked outside and the valet went crazy again running to get the car. Alex told him to hold off cause we wanted to go for a walk. But then we never started walking. I was so confused. Next thing I know a horse-drawn carriage pulled up. On the seat was the blanket I made him for Christmas along with 6 more red roses. So we rode all around downtown in the carriage. And then we went back to the restaurant. The valet saw us from like a block away and proceeds to scream "DO YOU WANT ME TO GET YOUR CAR NOW!!??" haha Alex told him yes so he went and got it! We get in the car, and I'll be honest, at this point I'm thinking, "if he doesn't propose tonight, this is the meanest trick ever!" So we're in the car and he says, "have I ever showed you where me and my dad used to live?" and I'm thinking "no? is that really what we're going to look at?" haha so he drives me up to the capitol! he pulls over and says, "oh. we just lived in some neighborhood up here." So I'm thinking, we drove all the way up here to see this house and now we're not gonna see it?" I was so confused the whole night. But then he asked me to go for a walk. So we get out and we're passing the old council hall building across from the state capitol. We're walking and he goes, "hmmm look at that big bison statue. Oh, there's two. We should come tour this building sometime!" haha I was like "um... yeah? that'd be fun!" so we start to cross the street and this car is approaching so I'm trying to get out of the way and he just kept pulling me further to the left. So we finally get across the street and he's still pulling me left. I tried walking up the stairs and he was still pulling me left. So I asked him if we weren't supposed to go up that staircase and he goes "meh, whatever. just come up this one!" so we get to the top and there's a bench with a dozen white roses! By this point I knew it was coming. He gave me a big hug and a few seconds later I tried pulling away so I could look at him. He just kept holding onto me. I guess he zipped the ring in his pocket but couldn't get it out and didn't want me to see. So he kept hugging me until he got the ring out. Then he dropped to his knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes of course and then I heard tons of cheering and clapping. My family and his family were both there taking pictures! It was so fun to have everyone there to celebrate with us! I found out after that he had parked in the wrong place and could see everyone trying to re-position behind the wall. He didn't want me to see them so that's why he kept pointing out the Bison and pulling me further to the left. Haha finallly everything from that night fell into place! After we all went out for hot chocolate!

So there you have it! The perfect night! I am so happy and I never imagined I could love someone this much! I can't wait to marry my best friend and spend my life with him!

These are the few pictures I have on my computer right now!


  1. So cute!!!! Congrats! We had our engagements taken at the Capitol! It's so pretty up there! I'm so happy for you girl! I better be invited to the reception!!!

  2. Congrats! You two are adorable. Can't believe you're getting married! So exciting!